Adult Acne

There are so many things that we miss, when we were teenagers. But those sprinkling pimples and acnes on our face are something we never want to remember. Now in adulthood, many suffer from wrinkles and blemishes on their face. There are various reasons why they occur in adults too. In most of the women, it can be seen due to hormonal changes or menopausal shift. Also, some dietary habits and stress may contribute to the occurrence of adult acnes. Following are some remedies to get rid of adult acnes.

  • Carbs in Diet

It is seen that eating lots of junk food along with imbalanced diet can cause acnes. You must incorporate lots of carbohydrates in your diet. Low carb diet is one of the main causes of adult acnes. To get rid of those acnes has a balanced diet which includes lots of carbohydrates in it. Avoid eating low refined carb meals as it may increase the oil production in the follicles causing acnes.

  • Less Dairy

It is observed that women who drank more milk, especially the one with low fat or fat free, had more acnes than one who drank less milk. The low fat or fat free milk contains high amount of sugar, which causes hormonal imbalance in the body resulting in acnes. Hence, prefer drinking whole milk, one glass a day to avoid acnes.

  • Blue Light Therapy

In this treatment powerful rays are penetrated through the follicles to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Photodynamic therapy called Levulan to blue light therapy can be a solution in some severe cases. These treatments may have fewer side-effects, but are temporary. The patient undergoing this treatment may suffer from redness and bruises, but they go away after some days. You need to consult your doctor before you take such treatments.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used for years in treating acne. This oil comes from the leaves of an Australian tree. The anti-septic properties of the leaves help in fighting the acne causing bacteria on the skin and suppress inflammation in the skin cells. Due to its effectiveness tree oil is used as ingredient in a wide variety of soaps, face wash and tropical solutions.

  • Salt Reduction

It is believed by the doctors that sodium plays an important role in causing acne on the skin. Iodine found in sea salt and seafood can worsen the acne breakouts. Hence, it is recommended to have low sodium meals like the packaged food. Also, you must not exceed your salt consumption above 1500 mg each day.

  • Stress Busters

Stress does not cause any acne or skin problem, but may worsen if they are already present. It is being researched that stress hormones like cortisol can cause inflammations in the body which helps in releasing the oil. This may cause acnes in the skin and various other inflammations. You have to use stress busters in your daily routine to get rid of stress and ultimately from the acne. You can exercise, meditate or any other activity that calms and relaxes the nerves of your body will help in reducing acne. For more information on Acne Treatments visit our favourite blog.

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