Cover Up Your Skin In Seconds!

Compared to lipsticks, I would agree that concealer is you must-have  for your whole look because trust me, nobody is that flawless, unless you really eat super healthy and you don’t have any problems, at all.

A concealer, just like the name, is needed to conceal any flaw that you have on your face, so you’ll look fresh, awake, and energetic. And what you used to have flesh-toned concealers, there are also colour-correcting ones that work to neutralise any patches of uneven colour on your face. So without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, should you have one of the following skin flaw mentioned below.

Dark circles or panda eyes – who hasn’t had them? Seriously, nobody wants to see that panda or red, puffy eyes before the conversation even started Contrary what people might think, getting enough sleep is a luxury and with the fast-paced world we’re living, it’s hard – hence you get dark circles .

What you need is a yellow-toned concealer with a shade lighter than your current skin tone. Apply some eye cream to plump up the area and wait until it absorbs well into the skin. Dab and tap (not smoothing them over) with a concealer brush until bluish tone from dark circles fade away smoothly and naturally.

For extreme panda eyes like Po, a colour-corrector will provide more power – pick pinkish corrector to counteract the green and bluish tones. A good rule; the darker your skin tone, the darker colour corrector would be.

Reddish acne pops out of nowhere? Not to worry – after a dab of benzoyl peroxide, cover up with a dab of concealer with the same shade of your skin tone, to even the color out. The same steps also apply if you have acne scar or minor cuts, as it’s still a possibility that you can minimise their appearance.

As for wrinkles, a concealer is certainly up for the job. After moisturising your skin, apply concealer by dabbing them onto the area by creamy formulations (powder can settle into wrinkles, making them more noticeable). You can use concealer brush for precise application and to build up coverage, depending on the severity of your wrinkles. Here’s a tip: team them up with some light-diffusing powder to reflect any light from coming at the lines.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it the key is to use concealer to hide the flaws and not making them more obvious with off-white spots on your face. So get out and try out the technique now, I’m sure the flaws that you’ve been having can be cover up nicely.

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