The Hype Or The Truth: About CC Creams

After the (immense) buzz coming from BB creams, CC creams have now entered the market, claiming it to be a perfect companion for aging skin. Are CC creams really worth the money or simply a marketing hype? Read on to know more on CC creams and how it works for your skin.

What exactly are CC creams?

The first thing you need to know, the abbreviation CC can stand for either ‘Color Correcting’ or ‘Color’ Control’ and at a glance, CC creams looks kind of the same as other skin-perfecting products such as foundations and tinted moisturizers. Plus CC creams were claimed to be way better than your average BB cream.

Just like BB creams, CC creams seems to have their origins from Asian countries, particularly from Korea. Women around the world simply become a BB cream-believer (in fact, one in four women who have bought BB creams are likely to buy it again) and they are more than happy to know that CC creams also entered the beauty market.

Unlike BB creams that are known for their decent coverage (some say better than tinted moisturizers) with opaque texture and providing (general) skin care benefits at the same time, CC creams are also an all-in-one skincare-makeup product, yet they work in a more targeted approach – focusing on more specific, existing issues such as wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentations.

Although CC creams also tend to be lighter in texture, they certainly more potent when it comes to solve skin problems, provides more coverage, and blend easily (which means the shades is suitable for a wider skin tone range) than a good ol’ BB cream.

Another upside? You can also build the coverage along the way.

Do I really need a CC cream?

Yes, if you have certain skin concerns or obvious redness and pigmentations that needs to be repaired and covered up pronto. CC creams are formulated to address specific problems and have a potent key ingredient and formulation to solve the problem. For example, licorice and vitamin C for skin brightening while hyaluronic acid for hydrating and supple skin.

However, if your skin looks normal with nothing too bizzare, BB creams is best suited for your daily makeup routine.

Keep in mind though, depending on your skin tone and problems, it’s best that you try out several brands of CC creams in the market until you find the match. After all, it’s a kind of cream that you need especially when going out in quick time.

Are CC creams can be replace other makeup products entirely?

Not really, because texture wise they are not as heavy duty as a foundation does. CC creams can be considered enough if it’s just a causal makeup (and still can lasts for hours!) which in that case, beauty experts highly recommend you to use CC creams before foundation for a flawless complexion.

All in all, CC creams can be very beneficial for you (especially for time and money-wise) if you have particular skin problems that needs to be remedied ASAP. Try out few good brands of CC creams out there and you’ll find out that truly works for your skin.

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