Your Eyelashes Can Age Too!

Believe me, I didn’t expect that that the eyelashes can age to and yes, they do. After a certain age, eventually these eyelashes starts to fall, loses its pigment, volume, and gets thin. So what are we supposed to do?

As we age, the estrogen level starts to decline, and apart from affecting your skin, hair, and the youthful glow, your lashes starts to thin, the color gets lighter, and definitely shorter, as opposed to full-bodied volume with thick color to match. Hence a good anti-aging routine that covers all aspects is extremely essential, if you don’t want to look pale and washed out eyes when you get older.

The key to stop the lashes from aging is to start early, as soon as possible, just like your usual anti-aging routine. Simply incorporating eyelash care will work wonders for them. So here’s what you should be doing.

First things first, if you do wear makeup (especially on regular basis) take off the makeup before you go to sleep. Getting a snooze with mascara still on should be considered as a sin, and they can make your lashes dry, brittle, and prone to fall out a lot easily.

And a word for the makeup stuff, if you’re using a lash curler, keep in mind to use a gentle motion when handling a lash curler and not using them in aggressive manner (the eyelashes is so near with your eyes for heaven’s sake). Apply in gentle pressure, with pulsating motion is the way to go. Tip: you can also heat the rubber attached to eyelash curler gently, to provide curling effect, more effectively.

Just like your hair and face gets pampered with a weekly mask routine, you really should consider a lash conditioner, to keep them nourish and healthy. Lash conditioners is made just like the name – it conditions, nourishes and repairs any breakage on the lashes.

Simply applying them before bed can certainly make your lashes looks so youthful and simply irresistible. Try out lash conditioners available like Jane Iredale, or perhaps use home remedies like castor oil (beneficial for lengthening the lashes) and olive oil for nourishing.

If, and only if your lashes look like it’s about to fade into nothingness, you might want to consider Latisse, as for your eyelashes’ life savers. It works by importing the quality of your current lashes, while helping to grow a new one. This FDA-approved for eyelash treatment contains Bimatoprost to enhance healthy growth of these eye fibers. Unfortunately, the do have side effects like irritation, dryness, and even skin darkening, so you might want to talk to your doctor, before getting yourself on Latisse.

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