Your Red Meat Steak Can Just Increase Breast Cancer Risk

The news just in: latest study conducted found that having red meat regularly in early years can be one of the risk factors for breast cancer.

Published in British Medical Journal this month, the study focuses of dietary protein sources and lifestyle related actors in early life to find out the chances of developing breast cancer later in women using data collected as far as from 1991 until 2011, with longer follow up for each subjects by noting how much red meat they consumed daily and the rate of the subjects gets breast cancer during the period. The result: researchers have identified 2,830 breast cancer cases from dietary habits in these records.

Breast cancer is not new: it’s one of the leading death causes among women around the world for decades. Numerous factors have been pointed out and apart from other factors that can cause the second highest case of cancer among ladies – age, family genetics, obesity, food and alcohol consumption, as well as environment – the new correlation may put us into a snap and started to examine our past eating habits (past study put more emphasis on midlife’s dietary consumption, after they’ve been diagnosed with the disease).

And as the latest study shows, consuming too much of red meat in early life makes us vulnerable to breast cancer as high as 22% while lower chances observed with women who consumed poultry regularly. In fact, replacing your red meat steak in favor of poultry, fish, and legumes will reduce the chances of getting the deadly cancer as far as 14%.

Researchers suspect that proteins in red meat speed up cell division and tumor growth while chemical compounds that are used in processed meats such as nitrates are already suspected carcinogens; what more when red meat is consumed heavily during their early 20s (where the breast tissue is still developing) may accelerate the risks even further.

Despite the new findings, other researches still are skeptical with it, commenting it as it’s simply a “weak link” and it doesn’t causes for concern. However, we know it for years that eating plenty of red meat causes other types of cancer (such as colon) thus the new findings can indeed be true. Plus these studies focuses more on white American women thus more analysis is needed to find it race can be related with the findings.

How much red meat that you can consume exactly?

Sure you’re all for eating healthy, nutritious foods but for some people (including me) red meat can be something as a favorite, comfort food. To be safe, Department of Health advises us to eat no more than 70g of red and processed meat daily. I suppose indulging red meat occasionally is palatable than avoiding it at all costs which can be hard for you.

You can even lower the risk of getting breast cancer even further by consuming plenty of foods that are rich in anti-oxidants to fight breast cancer from developing at cellular level. And of course, improving life habits for the better is encouraged to keep the disease away.

Simply put, it’s better to be safe by following the recommendations and opting for other dietary protein sources as main choices.

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