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Make Apple Cider Vinegar as Your Beauty Must-Have

Make Apple Cider Vinegar as Your Beauty Must-Have

Taking care of your skin has been pretty much everyone’s top priority (yep, that also meant men are so into beauty too!) and no doubt beauty market is a big one. Apart from using the usual commercially-produced skin care products, more people are gearing towards the natural approach as part of their beauty treatment, for example using apple cider vinegar.

Why the growing trend? Possibly due to growing awareness and the people are more health- conscious than ever. Plus, using naturelle ingredients is not as complicated as you might think as most of the main ingredients can be found right inside your own pantry (convenient, eh?). And unless the ingredients that you need come from exotic-sounding country, it’s widely and cheaply available so you don’t have to worry if the supply runs out.

So what are the benefits using apple cider vinegar for your skin?

It’s no secret that apple cider can help you to slim you down (I’m using this beauty tip myself), thanks to the high acetic acid content to melt off the fat as well as preventing your body to store more fat. All you need to do is to drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with a spoonful of the vinegar daily (you can add a bit of honey to sweeten it) and see the fat disappearing in a couple of weeks!

You will also find that apple cider vinegar have a lot of beneficial effects for your hair. Simply dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and use it as an after rinse. Let it sit for few minutes and you can rinse it off if you not really fond of the smell. This tip is particularly useful if you frequently use a lot of hairstyling products to clean the scalp and remove oil and product buildup.

And even if your hair is perfectly fine, you can also use the beauty tip to have a softer, more manageable, and shiny hair as the vinegar works to seal hair cuticles.

Besides your hair, your skin can also benefit from using the vinegar as it’s anti-inflammatory and slightly acidic. Simply dip a bit of cotton ball into the vinegar and dab it directly on the acne and blackheads to kills off the bacteria that causes these marks for good.  If your skin is sensitive, I recommend diluting it to half to avoid excessive stinging on the skin.

As apple is very reach in alpha-hydroxyl-acid, it works well to exfoliate dead skin cells not just on the face but for your body as well. All you need is to mix apple cider with sugar (or salt) in equal amounts and rub it gently on the skin.  Be warned though, the smell can be a bit overpowering especially getting locked in the bathroom to buff your skin.

And ironically, although apple cider smells too sour for your nose, you can use it to get rid of body odor effectively! Apply a cotton ball dipped in the vinegar and rub on the underarms gently to kills of germs that causes bad smell. As for your feet, simply add a cup of the vinegar into a basin full of warm water and pamper yourself for a foot soak!

While these benefits sure can be a life saver (and money saver as well), keep in mind to use only the raw, organic variety to reap its full potential. And since it’s slightly acidic, you should always dilute it first before consuming it and it’s best for you to rinse your mouth after drinking the solution to avoid eroding the teeth.  Try out these tips and see it works well for you!

Pilates For Lower Back

Pilates For Lower Back

Trust me, hearing a weird cracking sound from your back is not something that you like to experience, ever.  Don’t get panic though if you do feel one as there are help available to sort out the problem. One of them is practicing pilates created specifically to maintain optimal health for the lower back. Read on to find out how you can do just that.

The anatomy on lower back

The lower back is made from complex and intricate structure with different parts interconnected with each other such as tendons and soft tissues; nerve roots with nerve endings here and there that travel to the lower extremities; small joints; as well as inner cores and spinal discs. Anything that can affect any of these parts can cause you pain and irritation as you move, which can be localized and/or radiates throughout the body. These pains can be mild to chronic, depending on the severity.

And no, it’s not just the older people can get these conditions as there have been a growing number of cases where youngsters also can feel the pain in the lower back, with usually the pain comes from the spinal discs itself, or muscle strain. As for the older people, common causes are joint degeneration such as osteoarthritis and compression fracture.

Treating lower back pain is very much depending on what causes the pain in the first place. And it’s also a good idea to include pilates as part of your daily routine. In fact, this exercise is proven to be very beneficial in improving and maintaining overall health (in this case, your lower back).

Pilates improves overall strength, flexibility and suppleness of the muscle, particularly on the core, to ensure that you use your body effectively, as well as improving the whole posture, hence less wear and tear of the joints.

Keep in mind though, although pilates sounds tempting (it’s actually is!), it’s always a good idea to get yourself check first with a qualified physician to avoid any complications that can happen. Your doctor may provide your guidelines so you can choose a pilates routine suitable for your condition. And always begin your pilates routine slowly and pay attention for any pain from the lower back.

So which pilates routine to ease lower back pain?

To do a Cat Stretch, position yourself on all fours, with the hands directly under the shoulders and the knees under your hips. Start inhaling slowly and curl the back, pulling the stomach towards the spine, while keeping the neck relax. Wait for a couple of seconds before exhaling and arching your back.

Opposite Arm and Leg Reaches are a bit tricky as you’re likely to wiggle to keep your body stable (I did) but that’s okay as it means the core area is not strong enough. All you need to do is go on all fours again, inhale while extending right arm and left leg at the same time. Wait for a few seconds before exhaling and back to first position, and repeat again in the left arm and right leg.

Complete your pilates routine by lying on the front with the palms underneath the shoulders. Slowly push yourself up as much as you can (you feel a bit of stretch on the lower back) and stay for a few seconds before returning back to the original position.

Looks easy, doesn’t it? These exercises are indeed easy but very beneficial to improve the lower back. Give it a go and see how you can improve significantly in short time.