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Free From Acne With Three Day Apple Fast

An apple to fight acne?  Interesting. Who would’ve thought that a cute fruit like apple is guaranteed to cure your acne (even cystic ones, complete with hideous pockmarks)  and make them dissappear for good?  Read on to find out more.

There’s no doubt that apple can be the solution you’ve been looking for. The secret actually comes from the fact that apple is full with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as being a potent cleanser – and I’m talking about making your digestive tract super clean.

What’s the deal between your acne with the gut?

Your digestive system houses bacteria (both good and the bad, with a balanced ratio in order to keep your body in tip top shape) to digest and process food that you’ve eaten a couple of hours ago.

Sometimes when the balance ratio gets disrupted – with usually it means the bad bacteria will outnumbered the good ones, for example, eating unhealthily, lack of fibre and plain water or even after taking antibiotics for past couple of days; the aftermath is usually you get sick, and the acne will start to propagate freely on your face.

So yeah, it doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, it’s about the health of your gut that matters, and that’s where apple (I’m talking about the fruit here)  will become your savior, as outline by the author of Acne Free in 3 Days.

Each nutrient contained in an apple has its own role to clean and counter the after effects of the surplus of bad bacteria, cleaning it thoroughly for a healthy system.

Antioxidant quercetin (especially in red ones) and fibre will give your immune system a healthy boost to kill bacteria-causing acne. Quercetin also helps to calm irritated skin and only an apple a day is more than enough to provide the antioxidant to make a significant improvement for your skin and your best bet is eating organic apples as quercetin contained in the peel.

Plus the adequate amount of vitamin A and C is perfect to clear off unwanted germs and dirt from the pores for a clear and radiant-looking skin.

So how to use apples to get rid of acne? All you need to do is to eat nothing but apples for three-day straight. You will notice your skin will eventually clearer, the breakouts will stop, and the redness and irritations will simply go away. Digested apples will get to work cleaning your system thoroughly, which in turn creates a clean and clear skin.

I guess now there is a new saying that goes “an apple a day will keep dermatologists away!”

Make Your Skin Care Work Harder For You

While we know that having and using the right skin care products will do wonders for your skin, one or two right techniques will amp up your skin and make it beautiful even further.  Here’s how; read on and keep it as your own secret.

And yes, the good thing about these tips that it had nothing to do with using high end brands because if you’re doing it wrong,  you ain’t get any results.  Period.  Although we don’t deny that pricey ones is likely to work more effective but that will be another topic.

Okay, let’s begin with the very first product: the cleanser.  Squirt only the size of 20 cents, massage with your palms a bit (just to spread the product all over your hand for easy cleaning)  and apply onto your skin in circular motion, concentrating on congested area like nose, chin, and forehead to aid detoxing. Rinse with warm water, followed by a light splash of cool water to close up opened pores. Pat dry and wait for a minute

Despite what some say that a toner is unnecessary. A toner is actually essential if you want a thorough cleaning and to help the next products work effectively. Saturate a cotton pad with a toner, sweep away in upward motion, beginning from the chin towards the forehead. End the routine by using a dry cotton pad to absorb the excess. If not, the excess toner will evaporate, drawing out the moisture on your skin, leaving it more dehydrated.

If you’re using a serum, you deserve a pat on the back but if you don’t, I suggest you get one because serum is a must have even if you’re under 30. As a serum is super concentrated, you need just a tiny bit (perhaps like a 5 cents in size) for the whole face. Apply with a circular motion until it’s fully absorbed. Wait for a minute to be sure, before continuing on to the next step.

We’re guilty of this, but applying eye cream should be before the moisturizer, not the other way around. The skin in the eye area is much thinner than the rest of your face so the product is lighter. Simply dab a grain of rice sized of eye cream with your ring finger and dab in tapping motion around the eye socket until fully absorbed.

And now, the last routine will be the moisturizer. You don’t need it much, just a 20 cents-sized drop is all your skin needs. Rub gently with your palms to warm it up (so the moisturizer will absorb better and apply in circular motion, from the chin towards the forehead. And don’t forget your neck for the same treatment as well!

There you have it.  The ultimate skin solution that will guarantee will make the products work harder for you.